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Series Lectures of Common Law: ¡°Sustainable Development, Laws and One Belt One Road Initiative¡±

Irene Khan, Director-General of the International Development Law Organization (hereinafter ¡®IDLO¡¯), was invited by Chinese Government to 2017 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. On 13th May, ehe gave a lecture on ¡°Sustainable Development, Laws and One Belt One Road Initiative¡± in Renmin Law School. Deputy Director General Chen Full of Department of Treaty and Law, Ministry of Commerce of People¡¯s Republic of China, Dean Han Dayuan and Vice Dean Shi Yanan of Renmin Law School were present. Professor Zhu Jingwen served as the host.

Director-General Irene Khan firstly gave a detailed introduction of IDLO. Established in 1983 and headquartered in Rome, Italy, IDLO is an intergovernmental organization with a focus on the promotion of development through rule of law. IDLO China joined IDLO in 1989. Dedicated to the rule of law and standardized administrative procedures, IDLO actively helps developing countries establish sound legal systems, get over domestic poverty, achieve social justice and to promote peace security, stability and development. IDLO has made great contributes to legal reforms, institutional construction and talents cultivating. It¡¯s also playing a significant role in building a peaceful society and promoting sustainable development. During the past years, IDLO has built close relationships with State Governments, organizations, law communities, professional groups, academic and policy-making institutions as well as bilateral and multilateral donors. She also introduced the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which aims to build a peaceful and inclusive society to promote sustainable development, to construct an all-round effective and inclusive mechanism, to promote law rules at national and international levels, and to guarantee everyone¡¯s equal rights to justice.

Director-General Irene Khan then elaborated her views on the indispensable role of law in sustainable development. From the perspective of economic development, law provides specific, stable and normalized environment for investment and business. From the perspective of social development, law prohibits discrimination and ensures that all people have equal access to social services and economic opportunities. Prom the perspective of environmental protection, law makes it possible for natural sources, such as land, water and energy, to be sustainably and equally used. Besides, law helps to maintain political, social and economic stability by means of soft dispute resolution mechanisms.

To close her speech, Director-General Irene Khan concluded that effective laws create sustainable development and peaceful and inclusive society and further benefit One Belt One Road Initiative.

(Editor: Wu Huimin)¡¡

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