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[Seminar]The Origin and Cause of Miscarriage of Justice: from Misleading Scientific Evidence to Misleading Police Interrogation[22 June]

Time: 8: 30-12: 50a.m., June 22, 2017

Venue: Mingde law building 602

Language: English (Chinese translation provided)

¡¾Speakers and Topics¡¿

1.Introduction on Cases of Injustice in the United States of America, by Ira Belkin.

2.Investigative Interview: from Confession to Profession¡ª¡ªThe history of how suspects are questioned in the UK, by Dr. Andy Griffiths.

3. To improve Police Investigation from a Cognitive Perspective: from Crime Scene to Courtroom. by Dr. Itiel Dror.

Ira Belkin, is an Adjunct Professor of Law at NYU School of Law and also the US-Asia Law Institute¡¯s most recent addition and first executive director. He got J.D. from New York University School of Law¡£Belkin spent 16 years as a federal prosecutor including time in Providence, R.I., where he was chief of the criminal division, and in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he was deputy chief of the general crimes unit. His appointments included two tours at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and a year as a fellow at the Yale Law School China Law Center. He has lectured extensively in Chinese to Chinese audiences on the U.S. criminal justice system and to American audiences on the Chinese legal reform movement. Belkin also taught Chinese language at Middlebury College.

Andy Griffiths, police investigator and interrogator, former senior police officer of the Sussex County Police Department. Andy completed a thirty year career as a police officer in the UK, specializing in investigation, intelligence and interviewing, achieving promotion to senior posts commanding Major Crime and then Intelligence and Serious & Organized Crime departments, leading both homicide investigations and serious crime operations. Andy Also has extensive experience of criminal investigation training design, delivery and policy implementation. This includes development and delivery of specialist interview training, and a significant contribution to development of strategic interview policy both in the UK. has since published several papers on investigative interviewing. He still trains police officers, as well as lecturing under and post-graduate students and is also advising on several international research projects. Obliged to provide a free survey of cases of judicial injustice in the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Dr. Griffith is currently an assistant professor at the College of Policing, visiting researcher at two universities in the UK and provides training and consultancy to other organizations globally.

Itiel Dror£¬Honorary Senior Research Associate, Cognitive Neuroscience, Centre for the Forensic Sciences University College London(UCL), Principal Consultant & Researcher Cognitive Consultants International (CCI-HQ)£¬got PhD (1994) in Psychology, Harvard University. Dr. Dror's speciality is in taking the most theoretical scientific understanding of the human mind, brain and cognition, and translating it into practical and tangible ways to improve human performance in real world domains. Dr. Dror helped organizations understand the cognitive aptitudes and skills needed for specific task performance£¬developed ways to minimize expert examiners¡¯ vulnerability to confirmation and other cognitive biases, and conducted research and training on how to best utilize technology in the workplace.


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