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Our School Held Degrees Conferring Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony of the Year 2017

On June 22, 2017, the ceremonies were held in Mingde Hall and Standing Vice-President Prof. Wang Liming, other leaders, faculties of law school, a representative of eminent alumnae of our school, about 400 students and their family members and nearly 800 graduates attended the ceremonies.

Deputy Secretary of the party of our school Mr. Yan Fang hosted the ceremonies. On 14:30, all arrived at the Mingde Hall and showed respect to our country by singing the national anthem.

Prof. Wang gave the first speech on the ceremonies. He expressed his thanks for all faculties¡¯ hard works and gave mottos to graduates.

Then the Degrees Conferring Ceremony began. This year 407 graduates were awarded juris master¡¯s degree, 217 graduates were awarded master of law¡¯s degree, 173 graduates were awarded bachelor of law¡¯s degree and 75 graduates were awarded minor bachelor of law¡¯s degree.

Later, the Graduation Ceremony commenced. Graduate of 2017 Wang Chuanwen and graduate Zhao Jiayin jointly hosted the ceremony.
Mr. Yan presented a certificate and trophy of distinguish alumna of the year 2017 to Mr. Shi Hong. Mr. Shi was a high level lawyer who was famous for her arbitration work. She was highly praised for her extensive experience in international commercial arbitration and litigation. As a lawyer for dispute resolution, Mr. Shi took the international business as the development direction and had both Chinese and foreign legal education background. Since 2008, Mr. Shi was recommended as brand one ¡°outstanding lawyer¡± by Chambers. Since 2013, she was enrolled in the international commercial arbitration world celebrities, became one of the only two Chinese lawyers in it. In 2016, she became the first Chinese Lawyer appointed as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce arbitration court and took part in the formulation of international rules.
Then President Han Dayuan, Deputy President of our school Prof. Shi Yanan, Prof. Yang Dong presented certificates for outstanding graduates.
Prof. He Jiahong wished every graduate a bright future, a happy and healthy life.
In the special session of the ceremony, Prof. Han gave wedding gifts to 8 pairs of new graduate couples. Prof. Han said that pursuit of happiness was a constitutional right and he wished all students could find their true love.
Finally, graduates¡¯ representatives of the year 2017 presented flowers to their respectful teachers. All graduates stood up and made vows to fight for justice and rule of law for life from today.
Graduation was not only the end of college days, but also new starts to devote ourselves to country¡¯s construction business. So best wishes to all graduates!

Editor: Huang Yulu

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