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Professor Han Dayuan and Professor Feng Yujun of RUC Law School are Approved to Establish Major Projects of National Social Science Foundation

On November 17, 2017, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science published a list of major projects of national social science foundation to be established in 2017. After being reviewed by specialists, notified to the society, and approved by the leading group of National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, 331 projects in total were approved to be established as major project, among which the project of Literature Arrangement and Study of Chinese Constitution hosted by Professor Han Dayuan, and project of Study on the Legalization of Religion Work by Professor Feng Yujun are included.

Major projects are at the top level in the present subsidization system of National Social Science Foundation, which is also the most subsidized one, with strongest authority and most furious competition. Until now, within RUC Law School, we have 14 major projects of National Social Science Foundation approved, more than 90 annual projects, 6 specifically authorized items, 13 post-funded projects and 1 academic journal fund project of National Social Science Foundation, as well as 3 ones selected into the National Social Scientific achievements library. These National Social Science Foundation projects have laid a good foundation for the construction and development of the top discipline of laws of our school.

In recent years, our law school has paid high attention to the construction and development of legal subject and sticks to the principle of building the school upon academy. We focus on the promotion of capacity on arrangement and organization to get approval of national major projects. In conformity to this goal, the school has made Regulations on Cultivation and Subsidization for Major Projects of RUC Law School, which intends to inspire teachers to actively participate into the declaration of such major projects. According to the regulations, strong support with respect to documents declaration and demonstration specialists will be provided by the school, to cultivate major projects with high level and high quality and to promote competitive strength on scientific research. In the future, we are going to continue to focus on the significant forefront issues occurring along with national construction and development, and stress the importance of ideology and guidance of our academy, so as to elevate the quality of scientific research achievements and lead a creative way of development for legal scientific academy.

(Editor: Wang Yuyao)

Enclosure: The list of Major Projects of 2017 National Social Science Foundation in Renmin University of China


Name of Project

Chief Expert

Responsible Unit


Literature Arrangement and Study of Chinese Constitution

Han Dayuan



Literature Arrangement and Study of Chinese Constitution

Feng Yujun



Literature Compilation and Study of the Neo-Confucianism of Chu His in Japan

Zhang Liwen



Study on the Supply-side Structural Reform of Land in the View of Consolidated Rules

Yan Jinming



Study on the National Regulation upon Labor and Employment in One Belt One Road

Yang Weiguo



A Ground-breaking Reform to Promote the Medium-and-High-Speed Sustainable Growth of Chinese Economy: to Reform the Governance System of Local Authority

Jia Junxue



Study on the Innovation of System and Mechanism for Peasants to Have More Rights and Interests on Land

Tao Ran



Study on the Chinese Approach of Reversing Globalization and Restructuring International Trade Rules

Wang Xiaosong



Study on Several Major Issues about One Country Two Systems and Future Development of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Wang Yingjin



Construction of Chinese Disabled Familial and Social Support Mechanism and Case Base

Yang Lixiong



Study on the System of 0-3 Old Childcare Service in Urban Regions under the Overall Two-child Policy

Yang Juhua



Comprehensive Study on the Pre-tang Dynasty Excavated Literature and Documents

Xu Zhengying



Study on the Archiving and Management of Governmental Information and Resource under the Big Date Environment

Zhang Bin



Chinese Version of Oxford Classical Dictionary

Liu Xiaofeng



Study on the Popularization and Development Strategies of Winter Sports in 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games

Li Shuwang


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