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Ding Xiaodong: Algorithm and Discrimination C Viewpoints on Ethics of Algorithm and Interpretation of Law Based on American Cases of Affirmative Action in Education

Abstract: This article looks into the ethics basis of algorithm, and the basic principles of interpretation of law, based on the analysis of American cases of affirmative action in education. By analyzing the algorithm in policies of admission in American universities, we can see that algorithm is not completely value neutral, but always secretly subject to value judgments. In interpretation of law, the ethics of algorithm should always be taken into account, rather than being blindly trusted upon or rely on. In the meantime, we should develop a new method of interpreting law based on techniques, which method can make use of some kind of algorithm, but should always combine this algorithm to specific historical tradition and complex, and seeks to bridge social divergence and lead social consensus.

Abstract: ethics of algorithm, discrimination and protection of equality, interpretation of law; technique

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