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Hu Jinguang: The Systematism of the Implementation and Supervision of the Constitution


Abstract: the nineteen Party Congress report clearly requires strengthening the implementation and supervision of the Constitution£¬promoting the constitutional review work£¬and maintaining the authority of the constitution£® The constitution is the fundamental law of the state with the highest legal effect£¬which means that there is the possibility of unconstitutional legal documents under the constitution£¬so the constitutional review mechanism should be established to ensure the full and effective implementation of the constitution£¬and the authority and dignity of the constitution£® According to its own national conditions£¬our country has established a constitutional review mechanism access to a certain degree of advance in the current constitution£¬but it has not achieved the desired effect£® In order to realize the modernization of national governance and to promote the rule of law comprehensively£¬this mechanism must be vigorously promoted£® Theconstitutional review is a system engineering£¬so we must find the lack of effectiveness of its problem£¬do the top £­ level design£¬and make overall progress£®

Key Words: constitution; constitutional review; implementation of the constitution; supervision of the constitution; dignity of the constitution

(Editor: Liu Xiaoling)

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