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Our teachers and students went to Japan to attend the 5th Student Seminar of the "Asian Campus" Project

From March 1st to 4th, eight teachers and students from our school visited Nagoya University in Japan to attend the fifth student seminar of the ¡°Asian Campus¡± project and visited the Kansai College Law School to conduct teacher-student exchanges. It has been successfully held for five sessions and has played an important role in promoting the exchange of students on Asian campuses and promoting the professional development of students. The meeting was chaired by the Japanese classmate Yamada Hosei. The first is the demonstration of the three-country students on the topic of marriage and family law. The Japanese team mainly discussed the legality of same-sex marriage in Japan, the Korean team mainly discussed the gender restrictions when couples apply for prosecution for divorce when the marriage breaks down, The Chinese team formed a report on the subject of 24 judicial interpretations of the Marriage Law of China, the two students Tana and Shi Mohan in our school made the announcement.

After the report was completed, the students conducted a thirty-minute group discussion and then made a concluding speech. Finally, the teachers from China, Japan, and Korea made comments on the students' reports. The Assistant Professor Zhang Wenliang from our school commented on the students' speeches.

After the meeting, teachers from six partner schools at the "Asian Campus" held work conferences. Prof. Ding Xiangshun, Assistant Professor Zhang Wenliang and Foreign Affairs Office teacher Xu Fei attended the work conference. They introduced the situation of the implementation of the Asian campus project in the past years and discussed with the partner schools on further work arrangements.

Before the ¡°Asian Campus¡± project student seminar, the teachers and students of our school visited the Kansai College Law School. The teachers and students of the two schools held discussions and exchanges. Kansai University¡¯s Minister of Law, Prof. Okano Yoko, Prof. Iseida Dorothy, and students Participated in the forum. Minister Okano and Professor Ding Xiangshun made speeches on behalf of the two parties. Professor Ding Xiangshun thanked Professor Okano and others for their warm reception and hoped to take this opportunity to further develop friendly relations between the two houses. Next, the students of the two universities asked questions and exchanged their respective questions of interest. Under the leadership of Professor Iseida, the delegation also visited the Kansai College University campus and museum.
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