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The Second Legal Information Service and New Technology Seminar was Held Successfully


On April 13, the second Legal Information Service and New Technology Seminar, jointly organized by Law Libraries and Legal Information Research Society of Beijing Law Society and Wolters Kluwer and hosted by Renmin Law School, was held successfully.

At 9:00 am, the seminar was presided over by Liu Ming, Deputy Director of Renmin Law School Library and vice president, and Jiang Xiaozhi. Yu Liying, President of Law Libraries and Legal Information Research Society and Director of Tsinghua University Library, Gao Shengping, Associate Dean of Renmin Law School and Wang Zhiting, general manager for China district made opening speeches.

Firstly, President Yu Liying elaborated on the origin of the seminar and said that the guests from different industries and departments showed their views on legal search, legal information and legal application, which can promote mutual learning and communication and was an excellent opportunity for the industry.

In the speech of Gao Shengping, deputy dean, he mentioned that the rapid development and application of information technology at the moment were both an opportunity and a challenge for libraries. How to better provide teachers and students with resources and service of good quality by using new technology was a common problem that we all face. This seminar had importance guiding significance for the following construction of library.

In his speech, general manager Wang Zhi briefly described the case where Wolters Kluwer Company combined law and artificial intelligence perfectly, which demonstrated the company¡¯s vision and advantages in the field of new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Subsequently, Dr. Li Jiang, deputy general manager of CCH China, gave a keynote speech titled Law and Artificial Intelligence. He explained how to use artificial intelligence to get faster and more accurate guidance by illustrating the use of applications of Wolters Kluwer America and Wolters Kluwer Spain, which were Merger Agreement Assistants and Jurimetria.

  Then, Hou Jingli, deputy director of the editorial department of RUC library, gave a speech titled Sources Construction Promotes the development of Legal Discipline. Through detailed and accurate data analysis, she shared valuable experience in the construction of subject resources.

  Mr. Liu Meibang, a partner of Beijing DeHeng Law Firm, shared the practical skills of legal search from a practical perspective. His humorous language and effective methods made the seminar relaxed and professional.

   After a brief coffee break, Ding Shaopeng, a judge of Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People¡¯s Court, brought the topic¡ªThe Need of Judge Professionalization for Legal Information Services. She presented a comprehensive and detailed map by mind map and elaborated on the needs of collectives and individuals.

In the interactive session, Li Hao, deputy dean of Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences of Beihang University, Cao Hairong, deputy director of the library of National Judges College and Bai Yunfeng, director of the Legal Affairs Division of National Library of China also shared personal experiences.

   Chen Zhihong, secretary general of Law Libraries and Legal Information Research Society of Beijing Law Society and director of the library of Peking University Law School, said in the closing remarks: ¡°The impact of new technologies on the legal community is constantly deepening. We need to constant learning and thinking. Legal education, legal research and legal professional community need to be integrated.¡± This was exactly what the significance of this seminar was.

(Editor: Han Ying)

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