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Beijing Court New Era, New Responsibility, New Action Preach Organization visited the law school of Renmin University of China

  On the afternoon of October 31st, 2018, hosted by Beijing high people,s court, cooperatively organized by Beijing Haidian district people's court and the law school of Renmin University of China (RUC), Beijing court "New Era, New Responsibility, New Action" preach organization visited RUC. The present members included Li Luoyun, the director of the organization and publicity department of Beijing high people,s court, Yan Fang, the deputy Party secretary of the law school of RUC, Han Jun, the director of the political department of the Haidian district committee and political and judiciary commission of the communist party of China, Dai Guo, the member of party group of Haidian court, the director of political department and the Party secretary, Borjigidai Uyunbilig, the deputy to people's congresses of Beijing, Wen Jirong, the member of China People's Political Consultative Conference of Beijing, people's mediators Jia Linna and Guo Yingnan, people's assessors Chen Pingfang and Song Yarong. Many typical and advanced representatives including the "judge mother" Shang Xiuyun, the "mediation expert" Li Hongxing, the "execution pionee" Meng Kaifeng, the teachers and students of RUC and the representatives of policemen of Haidian court, which consisted of more than 200 people, also participated attended the preach lecture.

  Before the preach began, the deputy Party secretary Yan Fang and the director Li Luoyun delivered a speech respectively.
  The secretary Yan Fang firstly showed gratitude to the present leaders for bringing the court preach to the campus. She hoped that students there could carefully listen to six speakers, wonderful and touching stories and feel the belief in law as well as the feelings for people, meanwhile, she expected attendees could grab the chance to communicate with the judges there. She pointed out that the law school of RUC was a legal talent-cultivating institution, from which the outstanding representatives that working in the front line of justice including Song Yushui, Liu Li and Chen Changyi graduated. She wished that students could learn those prominent people's legal spirit and fortitude and joined their noble career, in order to make contributions to the legal process of China.
  The director Li Luoyun first expressed sincere thank to all attendees and showed respect to the policemen of Haidian court who were dedicated to the Beijing's judicial career all the way. She asserted that it was the first time that the preach group went out of the court and visited the law school of campus, which absolutely had special meaning. She believed the Haidian court would make more progress after six speakers demonstrated the lively practice and newest results which developed during Beijing court's study and implement of new thought.

  In the lecture, by elaborating the work performances, the hard-working attitude, the feelings for people and the energetic outlook, six speakers emphasized that the positive influence of spurring policemen's enthusiasm by carrying forward positive righteousness, releasing team innovational vitality through cultural construction, strengthening Party members, action recognition via the guidance of spirit, which definitely demonstrated the struggle spirit and dynamic character of the members of Beijing court.
  On the subject of "The biography of Sanbei", Ma Yingbo, the speaker from Changping court, talked about the story of Yang Sanbei, the "judge expert", who rooted in grass-roots and continued fighting for his dream; under the title of "The story in mill", Han Di, the lecturer from Chaoyang court, shared the touching experience of several generations from Chaoyang south mill court as they forged ahead step by step regardless of various difficulties; Choosing "See the voice of justice" as the topic, Jin Yi, from Tongzhou court, told us how she firmed her beginning mind in law during the process of helping a disabled person to "see the voice of justice"; with the theme of "No.105 in Sanluju village", Li Qiang, from Fengtai court, demonstrated Beijing executive judges, wisdom and the courage to undertake responsibilities when trying to deal with the challenges in execution basically; Li Wanxing, from the intellectual property court, gave all the attendees an opportunity to closely experience "one day of the members of Beijing intellectual property court" by telling the routine work of Rui Songyan, majored in Beijing professional trial, and Zhu Lei, the assistant of the judge; on the subject of "I am a "hamal"", Wang Shengmiao, from Haidian court, led us know how to spread the judges, stories and the legal positive righteousness under the new circumstances.
  Then, the director Han Jun concluded that six speakers sincerely told the real stories happened in their own court during the judicial reform and Party and team construction, which were not only meaningful and profound but extremely appealing and edificatory. Over the years, the Haidian court had made numbers of exciting achievements under the guidance of Beijing high people's court and Haidian district Party committee. He hoped that the Haidian court could closely revolve around the political standard and anchoring power, the overall economic and social development situation of Haidian district and the requirement of new era's political and legal affairs, as well as positively extended the judicial function while enforcing law. It was expected to become the bridge that connected judicial practice with the legal education, demonstrating the responsibility and accomplishment of the big basic court in the capital.
  At the end of the lecture, the preach group communicated to the attendees from RUC face to face. The conversazione was hosted by the Party secretary Dai Guo. The director Li Luoyun, the vice director Wang Zhiyu, Zhang Min, the director of education and training department of Haidian court, Yan Fang, the deputy Party secretary, Meng Han, the chief of the office of Party committee, all of the preach group and the student representatives including Luo Lin, Tang Shengqian, Guo Zisheng, Zhang Chiyu, Xiang Wang and Rao Jing shared their feelings about the lecture and discussed deeply and enthusiastically concerning the judicial warmth, legal education, legal career, belief in law and other questions. The students and teachers said that the lively court stories and the cordial communication enabled them to know the more concrete, vivid and round image of court policemen and were absolutely impressed by their professional ability, dedicatory spirit, optimistic attitude and the feelings for people. Students expected to have more opportunities to contact with policemen and made up their mind to be a responsible and enterprising legal person like them in the future.
  The preach group consisted of 26 members from 23 different courts in Beijing, including judicial and executive judges, judge assistants, hired clerks, the young officials of comprehensive administrative department, judicial policemen and people's jurors.
  It was the first time that the preach visited the campus and gave the lecture face to face, which not only helped the teachers and students know more about the judicial practice but had potential influence on college students, occupational choices and value, contributing to broadening channels for cultivating high-quality legal talents.

Editor: ZHANG Jiayun

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