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Seminar on Rule of Law in China: its Theoretical Logic and Practical Value and the 25th Anniversary of Center for Legal Post Doctoral Studies 2017-11-14
Renmin Law School co-sponsored the International Conference on Compilation and Publishing of Environmental Codes of Various Countries 2017-11-11
The 2nd Cross-Strait Forum on Human Rights: the Seminar on Rights and Interests Protection of the Disabled was Held Successfully 2017-11-06
China Law Society Legislative Research Association 2017 Academic Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held 2017-11-04
Cooperation between Renmin Law School and University of Munich: "Internet regulation paradigm of EU and China" Second Seminar 2017-10-28
The Source and Cause of the Grievance Case: from the Wrong Scientific Evidence to the Misleading Police Interrogation 2017-10-28
The meaning and prospects of the implementation of the General Principles of Civil Law and the New Religious Affairs Ordinance 2017-10-27
The Sino-Japanese Seminar on Criminal Procedure Law 2017-09-22
The 90th Professor Salon: Professor Liu Kongzhong and Some Trends in the Development of Intellectual Property Legal Systems in Asian Major Economies 2017-09-22
The 89th Professor Salon: Professor Mo Yuchuan and China's Administrative Legal System Reform 2017-09-22
The Forrest Ownership Judicial Trial Theory Seminar 2017-08-25
The 88th Professor Salon: Property Damage in Fraud 2017-08-02
Ministry of Education "The Project of Cultivating Excellent Legal Talents" Steering CommitteeExpert Committee Working Meeting held at Renmin University of Chi 2017-06-29
"Theory and Practice of Environmental Public Interest Litigation" Seminar 2017-06-27
The 2nd Competition Law Salon: Anti-monopoly Guide on Abuses of Intellectual Property (Consultation Paper) Seminar 2017-05-30
The 1st Competition Law Salon: Anti-Unfair Competition Law (Revised Draft) Seminar 2017-05-30
"Basic Law and Discipline Construction of Social Law" Seminar and the Successful Establishment of the Social Law of the Renmin University of China 2017-05-10
The China-Switzerland Trust Law and Practice Seminar 2017-05-10
"Developing Legal Service to Support Free Trade" Seminar 2017-04-26
"Employment Discrimination against Women under the Two-Child Policy" Seminar 2017-04-26
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