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The Successful Conclusion of Beijing International Law Societys 2017 Annual Conference 2018-01-07
Seminar on Curriculum Construction of Sports Law was Held in Renmin Law School 2017-12-31
"Scientific and Technological Revolution and Development of Labor Law - Frontier Issues of Labor Law Across the Taiwan Strait" Seminar Was Successfully Held 2017-12-31
The Centre for the Criminal Legal Science Research of RUC Established the Advisory Committee and Held the Seminar on the Development and the Construction of the Criminal Law 2017-12-29
Professor He Jiahong attended the Conference to the United Nations Convention against Corruption 2017-12-28
Professor Yang Lixin of the Research Center for Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of the Renmin University attended the World Tort Law Society's Third Biennial Meeting and Elected Chairman 2017-12-28
2017 Annual Meeting of the Comparative Administrative Law Institute of Renmin University of China and the Seminar on Administrative Investigation and Administrative Information Management from the Perspective of Comparative law was held Successfully 2017-12-28
Teachers and Students of Renmin Law School Attended the International Symposium on Enhancing Environmental Law & Governance in China 2017-12-28
The 92nd Professor Salon: Professor Shi Jichun and Two Economic Questions in General Provisions of the Civil Law 2017-12-02
The 91st Professor Salon: Professor Liu Pinxin and the Justice with Big Data and the Modernization of the Rule of Law in China 2017-11-30
Seminar on Rule of Law in China: its Theoretical Logic and Practical Value and the 25th Anniversary of Center for Legal Post Doctoral Studies 2017-11-14
Renmin Law School co-sponsored the International Conference on Compilation and Publishing of Environmental Codes of Various Countries 2017-11-11
The 2nd Cross-Strait Forum on Human Rights: the Seminar on Rights and Interests Protection of the Disabled was Held Successfully 2017-11-06
China Law Society Legislative Research Association 2017 Academic Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held 2017-11-04
Cooperation between Renmin Law School and University of Munich: "Internet regulation paradigm of EU and China" Second Seminar 2017-10-28
The Source and Cause of the Grievance Case: from the Wrong Scientific Evidence to the Misleading Police Interrogation 2017-10-28
The meaning and prospects of the implementation of the General Principles of Civil Law and the New Religious Affairs Ordinance 2017-10-27
The Sino-Japanese Seminar on Criminal Procedure Law 2017-09-22
The 90th Professor Salon: Professor Liu Kongzhong and Some Trends in the Development of Intellectual Property Legal Systems in Asian Major Economies 2017-09-22
The 89th Professor Salon: Professor Mo Yuchuan and China's Administrative Legal System Reform 2017-09-22
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