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The 2016 Human Rights Observation Symposium on Hotspots and Analysis 2017-03-27
The 85th Professor Salon: Professor Yang Jianshun and Haze Pollution Control 2017-03-27
Forum of International Comparative Legal Talent Education 2017-03-20
Freedom to Conduct a Business: the Dialogue between Business Law and Constitutional Law 2017-03-18
The 84th Professor Salon: Associate Professor Wang Chunyan and Creative Commons 2017-02-28
Harvard Visiting: Teaching Experience and Knowledge Sharing 2017-02-28
The 81st Professor Salon: The Revisions of Religious Affairs Regulation and the Prospect on Chinas Religious Affairs 2017-02-10
Conference on the Values of the Rule of Law in the Era of Globalization 2017-02-08
Cooperation Program with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): China Nationality Law and Protection for Stateless Persons Seminar 2017-01-31
21st China - U.S. Legal Exchange 2017-01-27
International Dispute Resolution on Belt and Road Initiative Seminar 2017-01-26
The 82th Professor Salon: Associate Professor Xu Yangguang and the Reflection on the Tax Law Issue during Bankruptcy Procedure 2017-01-13
The 79th Professor Salon: Professor Stephen Leonard and Dispute Resolution in the U.S. 2016-12-29
Salon and Book Launch: Legal Protection for Persons with Disabilities in China: A Guidebook 2016-12-14
Symposium on Reform in China and Frances Contract Law 2016-12-14
The 80th Professor Salon: Professor Mo Yuchuan and Districted Cities 2016-12-05
2016 International Forum for Law School Students Was Held at Renmin Law School 2016-11-15
The 75th Professor Salon: Professor Jin Haijun and Copyright Law Issues in News Aggregation 2016-11-14
The 76th Professor Salon: Professor Zhao Suisheng and Chinas Role in the Establishment of the New World Order 2016-11-01
Healthy China 2030 Blueprint and Food Safety Governance Seminar 2016-11-01
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