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Time sprints past on winged feet. Since inception in February 1950, Renmin University of China Law School has evolved and expanded remarkably in the last sixty-seven years. As the first law school established after the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, Renmin Law School has shouldered the important mission of nurturing top-quality legal scholars and legal practitioners while helping to develop a rule of law regime and a better system for legal education. At Renmin Law School, we are guided only by our academic ideals and a sense of commitment to the good of the country. We have stayed on the path, and we press on. The road was bumpy, but roughness hones success. This is why during the Ministry of Educations assessment of academic disciplines, Renmin Law School has consistently been ranked as the first among all Chinese law schools three times in a row (2004, 2009, 2012). In recent years, we are also finding ourselves in the ranks of top law schools worldwide. Today, Renmin Law School has become Chinas bellwether in legal education, where eminent legal professionals congregate and where the legal community at home and abroad share ideas and inspire each other.

As we forge ahead, we must not forget how we got here. Our success is but fruits borne of the hard work of our predecessors at Renmin Law School and of strength derived from people who rallied behind us. We have many people to thank: our teachers, who teach with enthusiasm and dedication; our students and graduates, who practise and defend the rule of law and who serve humanity well; our former leaders of the Law School, who left behind footprints of determination and resilience and who enabled us to reap the rewards of selfless giving; friends from all levels of society, who have stood by us in good and bad times and who have gone all out to support us.

The waters flow, the stars shine; a flower blooms, and our spirit flourishes. A striking feature of our times is the intensity at which change occurs. The magnitude and speed of the changes that humankind has undergone is unparalleled by anything during the past several millennia. The latest wave of technological revolution is ushering in enormous challenges and great opportunities for the legal education and the legal profession. This is an era of unprecedented opportunities and of promise and possibilities. We will keep up the fine tradition of our predecessors at Renmin Law School, push on, do good, and embrace our heritage as we seek to innovate. We will refine our curriculum and systems, integrate resources, and step up exchanges and cooperation. We will teach our students well. In them, we will inculcate advanced rule-of-law concepts, foster professionalism, and cultivate an open mind-set and an international perspective. We will remain true to our philosophy to establish ourselves through academic excellence, and will sustain a generous and harmonious academic environment, and strengthen our legal educations competitiveness and our academic impact. And, we will provide the intellectual support for our national legislative, law enforcement and judicial practice, and we will further the rule of law and social development.

Those who aspire to go far persevere. Let us muster our resolve and pursue our dreams. Let us build a better Renmin Law School.


                                                                                                         Professor Wang Yi

 Dean of Renmin Law School



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