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Prof. Fang Xinjun Gave a Lecture on the 470th Civil-commercial Law Frontier Forum: Genetic Variation and Judicial Chaos in Transplantation System: Reservation or Abolishment of Articles 402 and 403 of the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China 2018-10-22
China Arbitration Week 2018: the lectureRecent Development of International Arbitration and Opportunities for Chinese Youth Arbitratorswas successfully held at Renmin Law School 2018-10-22
Professor Wang Xu gave a lecture in the 97th Session of the Professor Sharon: Mixed Constitution: Principles of Chinese organic law for state institutions 2018-10-20
Lecture Gender Perspectives in Criminal Justice was Successfully Held 2018-10-19
First Class of the Semester|Attend a Lecture of the Master, Feel the Charm of Criminal Law 2018-09-25
Professor Wu Congzhou: Current Issues of Civil Practice in Taiwan 2018-08-11
Human Rights Research Center of Renmin University of China Invited Professors from Harvard University to Successfully Hold A Lecture on Human Rights 2018-05-24
The 2nd One Case One Lesson Hong Kong Barrister Lecture Was Successfully Held 2018-05-22
Lecture of Criminal Law by Famous Scholars(133th): Evolvement of Criminal Theory System 2018-04-17
The 1st Procuratorial Practice Forum: The comprehensive judgement and application of criminal evidence under the trail-centered system 2018-04-13
Professor Li Kang Gave a Lecture on Frontier of RUC Law and Technology Institute : the Protection of Privacy in Intelligent Era 2018-01-29
Prof. Asbjørn Strandbakken from University of Bergen Law School Gave a Lecture on the Jurist Forum of RUC Law School: Evidence Disclosure in Public Prosecution 2017-11-19
Prof. Liu Pinxin Gave a Lecture in the 91st Session of the Professor Sharon: Big Data Justice-the Modernization Transformation 2017-11-05
Prof. Zheng Ge Gave a Speech on the Frontier Forum of RUC Law and Technology Institute: Artificial Intelligence and the Future 2017-10-29
The lecture The Analysis of Internet Unfair Competition Case was successfully co-held by Beijing Economic Law Institute and MRLC 2017-10-29
Series Lectures of Common Law: Sustainable Development, Laws and One Belt One Road Initiative 2017-06-01
A historical Study of Judges and the Rule of Law in the West 2017-05-18
Prof. Xue Jun Gave a Lecture on the 448th Civil-commercial Law Frontier Forum: the New Topic of Private Autonomy 2017-05-01
Prof. Yang lixin Gave a Speech on 447th Civil-commercial Law Frontier Forum: the Stipulation of Specific provisions of Civil Law After General Provisions of the Civil Law 2017-04-28
The Fourth Chinese-English Law Forum and 2017 Capital Market Law Forum Was Held Successfully in Renmin University of China 2017-04-28
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