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The Fifth Asian Law School Dean BBS Was Held in Law School of the National University of Singapore 2017-03-20
The Establishment Ceremony of the Supreme Peoples Court State Responsibility Research Center and Forum on Theory and Practice of Construction of State Responsibility System Were Held in Renmin University of China 2017-03-16
[132] Series Lectures of Criminal Law: Study on the Prevention and Rectification of Miscarriage of Justice in the United States 2017-01-08
Series Lectures of Comparative Law: Trump's Triumph: Democracy and Demagoguery 2016-12-27
Series Lectures of Comparative Law: Legal Regulation on Network Crowdfunding in Japan 2016-12-27
How Does China, Inc. Challenge the Global Trade Governance? Mark Wu from Harvard Law School Discusses with Renmin Law School Faculty Members 2016-12-13
[9th] Series Lectures of Study on History of Law under Global View of History: The Formation of Emperor Liu Xi(six seals)s System 2016-10-20
2016 China Arbitration Weeks Lecture: International Arbitration in SwedenWas Held Successfully in RenMin University Law School. 2016-10-10
Series Lectures of the Study of Chinese Law History Under Unitary View: Oral-history Method: Social History And Law History 2016-08-07
Women Accused of International Crimes 2016-06-30
[16th] Series Lectures of Food Safety Governance: Food Safety and the Globalization of Chinese Medicine 2016-06-05
Lawyer Hang Guoliang from Global Law Office was Invited to be a Guest at Comparative Law Lecture Series, Speaking about How an International Trade Lawyer Passed of his Fifteen Years 2016-03-21
Professor Liu Deliang Was Invited to be a Guest in Civil and Commercial Law Frontier Forum, Talking about Civil Code Formulation in Network Era 2016-03-02
Professor William Fisher from Harvard Law School Delivered a Lecture named International Intellectual Property Law 2016-02-02
Professor Xu Aiguo Delivered a speech at the 95th Juridical Logic Forum named Self-criticism of the New Culture Movement from the Perspective of Law 2015-12-18
NO.7 MRLC LectureEconomic analysis of anti monopoly: theory and practice of bilateral market 2015-11-10
Professor Yao Hui Delivered a Speech at the 63rd Professor Salon: Formulation and Application of the Supreme People's Court Judicial Interpretation about Private Lending 2015-11-07
The Comparative Law Lectures was Held in Renmin Law School, named The Academic Career of Japan's Modern Legal Scholar, Professor Fukushima Masao 2015-10-22
Professor Jean Jacques du Plessis was invited to be a Guest at Commercial Law Frontier Lecture Series, Talking about New Trend of Corporation Disclosure System: How to Protect High-ranking Company Administrator 2015-10-09
Professor Theodore Ruger, Dean of University of Pennsylvania Law School, was invited to be a guest at Famous Law Pulpit 2015-09-28
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