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Xu Yangguang: A Study of Security Interest from the Perspective of Bankruptcy Law 2017-03-29
Zhang Shiming: On the Application of the Hypothetical Monopolist Test in Competition Law 2017-03-26
Ding Xiaodong: American Constitutional Interpretation From the Perspective of the Political Theology: A Critical Review of Balkins Living Originalism 2017-03-16
Xiong Bing-Wan & Guk Jeong-Hoon: A Study on the Regulation System of O2O Based Transportation Service 2017-03-16
He Jiahong: On Reorganization of Anti-Corruption Agencies 2017-03-16
Chen Xuan: Self-Defense and the Proportionality Principle: an Attempt at Interpretation of the Constitutionality of Criminal Law Provisions 2017-03-15
Shi Yanan: How to Use Criminal Punishment on the Act of Violating Economic Regulation 2017-03-05
Jin Haijun: Analyses on Intellectual Property Cases of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015 2017-01-12
Wang Guisong: On the Illustration of Reasons for the Administrative Discretionary Decision 2017-01-02
Chen Weidong: Researches on The System of Leniency Based on Peccavi 2016-12-23
Song Biao : Credit Structure of the Cooperative Project between Government & Social Capital 2016-12-13
Han Dayuan : Maintaining Constitutional Dignity & Uniting Consensus of the Rule of Law 2016-12-13
Ding Xiangshun : One Belt One Road Promoted the Transformation of Paradigm of the Study of Law 2016-12-13
Ding Xiaodong:American Constitutional Interpretation From the Perspective of the Political Theology 2016-12-11
Wang Xu : Health China & Construction of Standard for Food Safety 2016-12-01
Wang Xinxin : Bankruptcy Reorganization does not hurt Creditors 2016-12-01
Zhu Jingwen : How to Measure the Effect of Chinese Legal Construction 2016-12-01
Shi Yanan : Life Imprisonment --Another Strong Weapon for anti-corruption 2016-12-01
Chen Xuan: Life Conflict, Right of Necessity & Impediment of Responsibility 2016-11-17
Guo Rui: Enabling Rules and Mandatory Rules in Business Organizational Law 2016-11-15
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