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Gao Shengping: Legislation of The Security Transfer of Chattel 2017-11-18
Li Fenfei&Deng JintingThe power and the misuse of power by China's local procuratorates in anticorruption 2017-11-18
Zhang WenliangSinoCForeign Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments: A Promising Follow-Suit Model? 2017-11-18
Gao Shengping: Formal Review of the counterpart in Corporate Surety 2017-10-19
Zhu Teng: The Promulgation of the Statute and Ordinance in Qin and Han dynasties 2017-10-16
Shao Ming & Cao Wenhua: On the Basic Procedural Right of Civil Litigant 2017-10-11
Jinting Deng, Pinxin Liu: Consultative Authoritarianism: The Drafting of China's Internet Security Law and E-Commerce Law 2017-09-18
Zhu Teng: Research on the Officials at Lower Levels in the Qin Dynasty 2017-09-06
Xu Yangguang: Substantive Consolidation of Affiliated Enterprises Bankruptcy 2017-06-30
Zhu Xiao: Public Participation in Chinas Environmental Lawmaking: In Pursuit of Better Environmental Democracy 2017-06-11
Wang Liming: On the Function of Organizing Economic Activities of Contract Law 2017-06-04
Ma Xiaohong : Defining the Soft Law: Seeking Consensus of Law from the Tradition of Rule by Rite and Law 2017-05-11
Zhu Daqi & Li Shuai: The Construction of Judicial Budget Model from the Perspective of the Rule of Law 2017-05-09
Xiong Bingwan: Formalism and Functionalism in Legal Reasoning: An Exemplary Study of Punitive Damages for Intentional Purchaser 2017-05-03
Jin Meirong: On the Intellectual Property Licensing in Merger Remedies 2017-04-26
Yang Jianshun : The Essential Characteristics of Administrative Planning & Government Function Positioning 2017-04-07
Wang Xu : Risk & Legal Regulation of Citizens Participating in Administration 2017-04-07
Shi Yan-an : How to Use Criminal Punishment on the Act of Violating Economic Regulation 2017-04-07
Zhang Guangliang: Statutory Damages for Copyright Infringement in China: Alienation and Redemption 2017-04-06
Xu Yangguang: A Study of Security Interest from the Perspective of Bankruptcy Law 2017-03-29
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