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Associate Professor of History of Law
Education Background:Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 1988
LLM, Renmin University of China, 2001Ph.D. in Law, Renmin University of China, 2004
Ph.D. in Law, Renmin University of China, 2004
Research Interests:Legal History, Common Law, Legal English
Courses Taught:Traditional Chinese Legal History, Foreign Legal History, Legal English, Introduction to Anglo-American Law, Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing
External Exchange:Visiting Faculty, University of Minnesota Law School, 2011-2012
Appointments:Managing Editor, Frontiers of Law in China (an overseas-circulated English journal, co-published by Higher Education Press and Thompson Reuters and sponsored by China's Ministry of Education), 2006-
Vice Secretary General, Legal Language Research Association of the Behavioral Jurisprudence Society of China, 2008-
Secretary General of the Research Association of Chinese Traditional Legal Culture of Beijing Law Society, 2010-
Member, the Eighth Council of Chinese Legal History Society, 2009
Deputy Director, Forensic Linguistics Research Institute of Renmin University of China Law School
Honors and Awards:
Selected Publications:Articles
1, Response to US Steel Import Safeguards Actions against China, CHINA LEGAL DAILY (31/3/2002)
2, On Anti-dumping Proceeding against Imports of Integrated Electronic Compact Fluorescent Lamps Originating in China: A Study on Market Economy Treatment and Individual Treatment in EU Antidumping Laws, JOURNAL OF CASE REVIEW (2003 (2))
3, On the Background of Tax Reform in Early Qing Dynasty, Vol. 1, RESEARCH OF LEGAL CULTRUE (2005)
4, Metaphysical and Physical Study on the Constitutionalism Movement in Late Qing Dynasty, JURIST (2006 (1))
6, Comparison between the Contemporary US Antidumping Laws and WTO Antidumping Rules, JOURNAL OF YUNAN UNIVERSITY (2006 (4))
7, On the Predatory Pricing of US Antidumping Laws, ORIENT FORUM-JOURNAL OF QINGDAO UNIVERSITY (2006 (6))
8, The Influence of Interests in US Antidumping Laws' Legislation and Execution, JURISTS (2007 (1))
9, The Historical Development of Assumpit in the English Contract Law (with LI Tong), JOURNAL OF SHANDONG POLICE ACADEMY (2007 (1))
10, Is It Just or Not-An Analysis on US Antidumping Law, LAW AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMET (2007 (3))
11, An Analysis on the Common Law Doctrine of -Remidies Proceed Rights, JOURNAL OF HERBEI JURISPRUDENCE (2007 (3))
12, The History and Reality of US Antidumping Laws, JOURNAL OF RENMIN UNIVERSITY OF CHINA (2007 (3))
13, What Dose US Anti-duming Laws Mean: A Perspective from the Conflict of Interests, STUDIES IN LAW AND BUSINESS (2007 (4))
14, When Does Law Work-Review on Milton Friedman's Theory of Law, JOURNAL OF KUNMING INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (2008 (4))
15, The Influence of Religion on Laws in Western World (with ZHAO Dan), JOURNAL OF SHANDONG POLICE ACADEMY (2009 (4))
16, Modern English Common Law & the Emergence of Medical Law 1960 -2010 (co-translate with DENG Luyang, LI Xiangjie), Vol. 5, RESEARCH OF LEGAL CULTRUE (2010)
17, On Ius Praetorium in Roman Law (With HUANG Haifeng), JOURNAL OF YAN'AN UNIVERSITY, 2010 (3)
18, A Legal Analysis on Commercial Use of the Residential Buildings, SOCIAL SCIENTISTS, 2010 (8)
19, Probe of Doctrine of "Li" in Chinese Traditional Legal Culture through Analysis on the Word "Li", JOURNAL OF HERBEI JURISPRUDENCE, 2011 (1)
20, The Interaction Between "Put the People as Fundamental" and Bureaucrat Governance in Ancient China, JOURNAL OF LAW SCIENCE, 2011(6)

1, Study on US Anti-dumping Laws (Renmin University of China Press, 2007)
2, A Case Study on EU Antidumping against China (co-author with HAO Gang) (China Medical Science Press, 2007)
3, Introduction to Law (bilingual, author for the intensive reading guidance in Chinese language from pp. 369-585 and co-author with Joanne Banker Hames & Yvonne Ekern for the English original from pp.1-368) (Renmin University of China Press, 2009)
4, Selected Legal Essays Reading from English Newspapers (co-edited with WANG Xuemei) (Renmin University of China Press, 2009)
Other books including personal contributions:
1, Reference Book for Legal English (contribute to the analysis on and explanation of the hardship points in Legal English) (Law Press of China, 2006)
2, Study on Chinese Legal Thoughts History (contribute to Chapter Three) (Renmin University of China Press, 2007)

Research Projects:1, Case Study on EU Anti-dumping Actions against China, Sponsored by Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center, Projector Director, 2003-2005
2, OGI (Olympic Games Impact) Research, co-sponsored by IOC and RUC, Project Director of Legal Issues Sub-Unit, September 2006-Present
3, Natural Law and Rule of Law: From the Perspective of Chinese Legality, Youth Project of Renmin University of China, Project Director, 2007-2010
4, Legal English Bilingual Teaching Reform Program, Sponsored by RUC, Project Director, 2007-2010
5, Exquisite Model Course of Introduction to Anglo-American Laws, Sponsored by RUC, Project Director, 2007-2010
6, History of Common Law in US, Sponsored by RUC Mingde Young Scholar Project, Project Director, 2010

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