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GAO Shengping
Born in Xiantao City in Hubei Province in 1968, Member of China Zhi Gong Party, won Qualified Lawyer Certificate (1992), Economist (financial) Certificate (1997), International Business Qualification Certificate (1997), Corporate Counsel Certificate (1998), and other qualifications. Professor of Civil and Commercial Law Full-time researcher of Renmin University of China Civil and Commercial Law Research Center, Visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota
Education Background:
2002 to 2004, Post Doctor, Renmin Law School
1999 to 2002, Doctor of Juridical Science, China University of Political Science and Law
1993 to 1996, Juris Doctor, China University of Political Science and Law

Research Interests:civil law, commercial law, real right law, debt and contract law, guarantee law, real estate law, property management law, land management law, natural resources law
Courses Taught:
External Exchange:
Chinese law expert of international finance company of world bank group;
Financing Lease Law making team member of finance and economics committee of NPC;
Participant of Real Right Law, Financing Lease Law dfrating;
Participant of Accounts Receivable Pledge Registration Management Regulation and Personal;
Property Mortage Registration Management Regulations drafting;

Honors and Awards:
Comparative study on personal property transaction system won the second prize of the third legal teaching material and academic accomplishment;
Personal property mortgage system study won the excellent academic research prize of China Law Society;
Study on disability compensation and death compensation in criminal with civil suit won 2004 Outstanding Article Award Excellence Award in People's Attorney

Selected Publications:
1. The application of Civil law explanation method in guarantee case of Zhongfu Industry Company, The Jurist, No.4, 2004;
2. The responsibility to shoulder while human guarantee coexists with the property guarantee, Law Science Magazine, No.3, 2004;
3. Try to talk about the applicable of law in tourism disputes, Tourism Tribune, No.1, 2005;
4. Research in the path of Hypothec realization, Zhejiang Social Sciences, No.3, 2005;
5. Try to talk about the generalization regulation of format terms effects--Also comment on the Article 39 of China's Contract Law, Journal of Hunan Normal University, No.2, 2005;
6. The evolution outside the civil law chattel guarantee system and property law in China, Political Science and Law, No.5, 2006;
7. American Secured Transactions Law and Legislation of Secured Transaction Law, The Jurist, No.5, 2006;
8. Nature of employer labor regulations, Science of Law, No.10, 2006;
9. Study of chattel mortgage registration system under transaction security and transaction efficiency perspective, Solution of Judgment, No.2, 2006;
10. Initial acquisition of land use right System, China Land Science, No.2, 2007;
11. Collective construction land into the market: Reality and legal dilemma, Management World, No.2, 2007;
12. Administrative regulation of format labor contract, Law Science Magazine, No.2, 2007;
13. Review and improvement of real estate financing guarantee system, Journal of Renmin University of China, No.3, 2007;
14. Chattel mortagage registration system under the confrontation of registration, Jurist, No.6, 2007;
15. Research on ways to implement security interest, Science of Law, No.2, 2008;
16. Study of hybrid joint guarantee, Science of Law, No.2, 2008;
17. Amendment of Urban Real Estate Administration Law under the background of Property Law , Journal of Renmin University of China, No.2, 2008;
18. Legal property and its contemporary fate, Social Science Research, No.3, 2008;
19. Amendament of Land Management Law under the background of Real Right Law, China Land Sciences, No.7, 2008;
20. Rights attribution of roof terrace and related legal issues, Jinan Journal (Philosophy &Social Science Edition), No.4, 2008;
21. Problems of mortagage triggered by earthquake, Social Science Front, No.9, 2008;
22. Right attribution rules of garage and parking with the interpretation theory perspective, Political Science and Law, No.10, 2008;
23. Chinese Civil Law with the perspective of Legislation: Its rise and prosperity--The development of Civil Law during the three decades of reform and opening up as the center, Law Science Magazine, No.1, 2009;
24. System construction and evaluation of receivables pledge registration, Jinan Journal (Philosophy &Social Science Edition), No.1, 2009;
25. Research on patent pledge Registration System, Journal of Hainan University (Social Science Edition), No.1, 2009;
26. The exercise period of the security interest--Section 202 of Property Law as the analysis object, ECUPL Journal, No.1, 2009;
27. The rights of ownership of Green space within the building area--Comments on Judicial Interpretation of Condominium Ownership (draft) Article 3, Political Science and Law, No.2, 2009;
28. The normative sense of "first of all to meet the needs of owners"--Understanding and application of Real Right Law Article 74 paragraph 1, Law Science, No.2, 2009;
29. On the receivables pledge registration system, Journal of Yantai University (Social Science), No.2, 2009;
30. On the credit collateral in rural financial system : Problems and solutions, Journal of Financial Science, No.2, 2009;
31. Pledge endorsement system, Peking Universtiy Law Journal, No.4, 2009;
32. System positioning and improvement of the mortgagee of the right to use the waters, Contemporary Law Review, No.4, 2009;
33. On the boundary of owners' autonomy, Legal Forum, No.6, 2009;
34. On patent pledge Registration System--Also on modifications of Interim Measures of Patent Pledge Contract Registration, Journal of Hainan University (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition), No.1, 2009;
35. Issues about patent pledge setting system, Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, No.4, 2009;
36. Contracted land management rights registration system with the perspective of the transfer of land contract management rights: Problems and solutions, Academic Exploration, No.3, 2010;
37. On the scope of product liability damages--with the relevant provisions of Tort Law and Product Quality Law as analysis objects, ECUPL Journal,No.3, 2010;
38. Land rights system innovation: From the Perspective of the modification of Land Management Law, Comparative Economic & Social Systems, No.3, 2010;
39. On the main responsibility and attribution subject of product liability, from the perspective of the interpretation of the Chapter "Product liability" in Tort Law, Political Science and Law, No.5, 2010;
40. Development of Chinese security interests system and the fate of atypical guarantee, China Renmin University Press, No.5, 2010;
41. On tax guarantee registration system, Seek, No.5, 2010;
Comparative study of contemporary tort law (translation), Jurist, No.2, 2010;
42. On the collateral circulation of land contract and management rights, Social Science Research, No.6, 2010;
43. Issues about the registration system of copyright's pledgor, Law Science, No.6, 2010;
44. On the principle of the attribution of product liability--with Article 41, Article 42 and Article 43 in Tort Law as the analysis object, Law Science Magazine, No.6, 2010;
45. On the registraton system in the chattel mortgage of maximum amount for financing, Southwest University for Nationalities, No.8, 2010;
46. On the establishment of the tort liability of standard sewage, Social Sciences in Guangdong, No.1, 2011;
47. Study on copyright pledge registration procedure--Also on the modification of Copyright Pledge Contract Registration Approach, Academic Research, No.2, 2011;
48. Interpretative theory of the rule of real right collateral's transfer, Legal Science, No.5, 2011;
49. Legal result of the termination of construction land use right, Law Science, No.11, 2011.
50.Legal Effect of Housing and Land Mortgage Respectively- Analysis of Article 182 of Property Law, Yantai University Academic Journal, 2012(1)
51.Study on the Deputes in Finance Guarantee Companies’ Request for Compensation Guarantee, Jinan Academic Journal, 2012(11)
52.Study on the Legal Structure of Financing Lease Trade (Co-Author: Wang Siyuan), Law Science (Journal of Northwest University of Politics and Law), 2013(1)
53.Study on Corporation Guarantee Legal Issues, China Legal Science, 2013(2)
54.Chinese Finance Lease Legal System: the Reconstruction of Right and System- According to Capetown Convention and Relevant Protocol, Journal of Renmin University of China Academic, 2004(1)
55.Infrastructure Finance Lease Trade: Reality and Legal Dilemma- From the Perspective of Infrastructure Investment Reform, Peking University Law Journal, 2014(3)
56.Probe into Real Estate Mortgage- Under the Real Estate Unified Registration Regulations, Social Science, 2014(5)
57.Judicial Remedies of Errors in Real Estate Registration According to Interpretation Theory- From the Perspective of the Interlock Between Civil Litigation and Administrative Litigation (Co-Author: Liu Lu), Humanities and Social Sciences Journal of Hainan University , 2011(6)
58.Land Leasing and Supply Pattern in the tPrimary Market- Concentrate on the Modification of Land Management Law, Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2012(2)
59.Study on Construction Land Leasehold Right Deadline System- Comment on Article 89 in the Amendment Drafts of Land Management Law, Politics and Law, 2012(5)
60.Outline of Land Contracting Management Right- Concentrate on Disposition Right, Social Science, 2012(7)
61.Analysis of the Property Right Using Relationship Between Land and Building, Legal Science Monthly, 2012(9)
62.Legal Structure of Rural Land Trust Circulation, Studies in Law and Business, 2014(2)
63.Dilemma and Resolution of Rural Housing Registration in the Background of Real Estate Unified Registration, Contemporary Law Review, 2014(2)
64.Legal Logic of Rural Land Property Right in New Agricultural Management System, Chinese Journal of Law,2014(4)
65.Legal Dilemma and Resolution of Rural Land Financialization, Social Sciences in China, 2014(8)
67.Study of the Development of Personality Right From the Perspective of Comparative Law- Taking American Privacy Right as an Example, Studies in Law and Business, 2012(1)
68.The Atypical Joint Liability Between Producers and Distributors in Product Liability- Concentrate on Chapter 5 of Tort Liability Law, Legal Forum, 2012(2)
69.Judicial Application of Interest Rate Upper Limit in Informal Lending (Co-Author: Shen Chen), Politics and Law, 2013(12)
70.Legislation Intention and Rules Design of Food Security Punishment and Compensation System, Jurist, 2013(6)
71.Confirmation of Informal Lending Interest Rate Upper Limit (Co-Author: Shen Chen), Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2014

1. Reseach on problems and solutions of Security Law, People's Court Press, 2001;
2. Research on chattel mortgage system, China Business Press, 2003;
3. Research on problems and solutions of key and difficult problems of guarantee contract, People's Court Press, 2005;
4. New Corporation Law and the state-owned enterprises' restructuring, China Business Press, 2005;
5. Chattel mortgage registration system, China Business Press, 2007;
6. Financing lease registration and taking-back right (the first writer), Contemporary China Press, 2007;
7. Security interest in the Real Right Law, China Renmin University Press, 2007;
8. Principle, rules and cases of Real Right Law, Tsinghua University Press, 2007;
9. Comment on Real Right Law(the second writer), Beijing University Press, 2008;
10. Comparative Study on Personal Property Transaction Mechanism, Renmin University Press, 2008;
11. Comment on Security Law, Law Press, 2009;
12. Real Right Law and Guarantee Law: the comparative analysis and application, People's Court Press, 2010;
13. Typical Case Study on Tort Law(first writer), China Legal Press, 2010;
14. Modernization of Chinese Land Legalization, Law Press, 2011;
15. The re-creation of the right to use homestead and its reformation, Beijing University Press, 2011
16.Understanding and Application of New Problems and Systems in Real Guarantee, People's Court Press, 2013
17.Modernization of Chinese Land Legal System- Concentrate on the Modification of Land Management Law, Law Press, 2014


1. U.S. Uniform Commercial Code and its official comments(Vol.2), Joint translation, China Renmin University Press, 2005;
2. U.S. Uniform Commercial Code and its official comments(Vol.3), Joint translation, China Renmin University Press, 2006;
3. Real Right Law Tutorial(Joint translation, second author), China Renmin University Press, first edition in 2007 and second edition in 2010;
4. Civil Law(paticipated in editing), second edition in 2007, third edition in 2008 and fourth editioin in 2010;
5. Contention points, legislative decisions and classic casesof Tort Law, Peking University Press, 2010;
6. European demonstration draft Civil Code --principles, definitions and model rules of European private law, China Renmin University Press, 2011;
7.Principles, Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law:Draft Common Frame of Reference(查的互动百科), Renmin University of China Press, 2012
8. International Aircraft Finance Law Practice, Law Press, 2014
9.International Railway Vehicle Finance Law Practice, Law Press, 2014

Research Projects:
1. 2005.6 to 2006.12, Recalling right study in financing lease transaction (commissioned by the International Finance Corporation of The World Bank Group, Main bearer);
2. 2007.12, Comparative study on personal property guarantee system (Beijing Theoretical Writings Published in Social Science Fund,Renmin University Law School Youth Foundation, the only bearers);
3. 2007.12, Real estate management and harmonious community construction (Ministerial research on law and legal theory project by Ministry of Justice);
4. 2008.9, Special mortgage right system study (Ministerial research project by China Law Society);
5. 2008.11, Special mortgage right system study (Humanities and social sciences general project by Ministry of Education);
6. 2008.10, Law and economics of homestead disputes (Case study on China system change project by Beijing Tianze Institute of Economics);
7. 2009.6-2010.3, Rural homestead Management System Innovation (commissioned by China Land Surveying and Planning Academy);
8. 2010.3-2010.12, Security interest in the Real Right Law and its legislative perfection series, (Ministerial research project by China Law Society);
9. 2010.6, Consumer Bankruptcy Legislation in China , (commissioned by the International Finance Corporation of The World Bank Group, Main bearer);
10. 2010.12, Right recycling and institutional remodeling of the rights of land use (National Social Science Foundation late funded);
11. 2011.6, European demonstration draft Civil Code --principles, definitions and model rules of European private law (National Social Science Foundation late funded)
12.Project Director, Study on Accounts Receivable Guarantee Financing Legal System, Supported by National Social Science Fund, May, 2012
13.Project Director, Study on the Legal Regulations of Finance Guarantee Innovation, Supported by National Rule and Law Theory Research, March, 2013
14.The Civil Code of Holland (Translation), Key Project Funded by Ministry of Education Philosophy and Social Science Research, November, 2013

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