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Faculty Members
Education Background:LL.B., Law School, Renmin University of China (1998)
LL.M., Law School, Renmin University of China (2001)
Ph.D. in Law, Law School, Peking University(2004)
Postdoctoral researcher in Renmin Law School(2006)
Research Interests:
Constitutional Law, Fundamental rights, the interpretation of the Constitution,
the Constitution Methodology

Courses Taught:Constitutional Law
External Exchange:
Visiting scholar at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany,2009


Director and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Association of Constitutional Law Research Association
Executive Director of Beijing Municipal Education Law Research
Editor of Jurist magazine

Honors and Awards:The first batch of young talents of "Ten Thousand People Plan"(2013)
Renmin University of China Teaching Excellence Award (2012)
Huo Yingdong Education Foundation Funded Basic Research Award (2012)
First Prize of The second China Law Award for Outstanding Achievements Thesis (2011)Second prize of Outstanding Achievement Award of Colleges and universities Scientific Research(Humanities and Social Sciences) (2009)
Renmin University of China Outstanding Teacher (2009)
First Prize of the Fourth China Law Society Young Scholar Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award (2006)

Selected Publications:Articles
1. Maintenance of mainstream values in German Constitution, Snandong Social Sciences, No.2, 2013.
2. Personal income tax as property rights restrictions-Based on preliminary investigation of fundamental rights dogmatics, Zhejiang Social Sciences, No.9, 2013.
3. Constitution Dogmatics in primary stage, Peking University Law Journal, No.5, 2013.
4. Configuration of arrest and interpretation of relevant constitutional provisions, Legal Daily, May 22th, 2013.
5. Specific content of state ownership legislation to be formed, Cass Journal of Law, No.4, 2013.
6. Configuration and constitutional powers of arrest interpretation of the relevant provisions of
Social obligations of property rights, Social Sciences in China, No.9, 2012.
7. Formal rule of law and the law dogmatics, Chinese Journal of Law,No.6, 2012.
8. Value under the constitutional text to reconcile conflicts and technology, Dushu, No.12, 2012.
9. Thinking system of fundamental rights, Tsinghua Law Review, No.4, 2012.
10. Organizational guarantee of academic freedom, Global Law Review, No.4, 2012.
11. Constitutional application without constitutional judicial review, Constitutional rights and constitutionalism - Constitution Studies in Contemporary China, Hongkong University Press, 2012.
12. The use of constitutional interpretation - the Case of German Ayr Firth, Study &, Exploration, No.3, 2011.
13. Constitutional interpretation and constitutional dogmatics, China ConstitutionYearbook 2010, Law Press, 2011.
14. Analysis of the constitutionality of the judgment in "Associate Professor inciting debauchery case", Solution of judgment, September 1st, 2011.
15. Man Sider ruling - whether laws for Nazi speech are unconstitutional, Chinese constitution case study, Vol.5, Law Press, 2010.
16. Could the thieve Xuting be an amnesty, Chinese constitution case study, Vol.4, Law Press, 2010.
17. Two facing of Constitutional interpretation, Zhejiang Social Sciences, No.4, 2009.
18. Two kinds of constitutional cases: affection that constitutional law may have on justice seeing from Constitutional Interpretation, the China Law, 2008.
19. Constitutional Law: Law method and political judgment, The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute, No.4, 2008.
20. Thinking framework of limitations of fundamental rights, The Jurist, No.1, 2008.
21. Conscious and reflection of the research on the text of Constitutional, The Jurist, No.1, 2008.
22. Restrictions on fundamental rights, Protection of Human Rights Law and China, Law Press, 2008.
23. Conflict and competing of basic rights in "Bread case", Chinese constitution case study, Vol.2, Law Press, 2010.
23. Disenchantment and self-sufficiency: the political theory of constitutional interpretation and its limits, Tribune of Political Science and Law, No.4, 2007.
24. Selection of The principle of proper functions and Constitutional interpretation mode, the Learning and Exploration, No.1, 2007.
25. Normative structure and Solving model of the fundamental rights conflict the Law and Business Studies, No.4, 2006.
26. The beneficial features of the basic rights and Benefit obligation of the State, the China Law, 2006.
27. Why should the text of Constitution be the centre of the Constitution, Zhejiang Academic Journal, No.3, 2006.
28. The dual nature of the fundamental rights, the Law Research, No.3, 2005.
29. On the defensive function of fundamental rights, The Jurist, No.2, 2005.
30. The logic of public interest limits fundamental rights , Legal Forum, No.1, 2005.
31. Fundamentalism in American constitutional interpretation theory, Shandong Social Sciences, No.7, 2005.
33. The expanding of fundamental rights on private law taking Contemporary China as background Peking University Law Journal, No.5, 2003.
34. The principle of the separation of powers and constitutional interpretation Experience and Theory under the system of judicial review and the Constitutional Court, the Law and Business Studies, No.6, 2002.
35. On the boundaries of the Constitutional interpretation, Law Review,No.1, 2001, Cooperating with Professor Han Dayuan.
36. On the objectivity and subjectivity of Constitutional interpretation, (Cooperating with Professor Han Dayuan), the Science of Law, No.6, 1999.
PhD thesis: On the responsibilities of state to citizens' basic rights, Peking University Law School, June, 2004, Professor Xiao Weiyun as the guidance
Master Thesis: Study on boundaries of constitutional interpretation, Renmin Law School, June, 2001, Professor Han Dayuan as the guidance

Participated in editing:
1. Election of German constitutional case:The first series Remarks on fundamental rights, Law Press, 2012.
2. Interpretation System Research on Macao Basic Law, edited by Xu Chongde and Li Yuanqi, 2011.
3. Constitution, Higher Education Press, People's Publishing House, November, 2011.
4. Institutional change of public law, edited mainly by Han Dayuan, 2009.
5. Reference information of Constitutional Law, Edited by Xiao Weiyun ,Wang Yu and Zhang Xiang, Peking University Press, 2008.
6. Protection of human rights with China, edited mainly by Mo Jihong, Law Press, 2008.
7. The principle of human rights law, edited mainly by Xu Xianming ,China University of Political Science and Law Press, 2008.
8. Constitutional Law, edited mainly by Han Dayuan, , Higher Education Press, 2006.
9. Constitutional principles and case tutorial, edited mainly by Hu Jinguang, 2006.
10. Basic theory of Modern Constitutional interpretation, One of the authors, Democracy and the legal Press, 2005.
11. Comparative Constitutional law(Second edition), edited mainly by Han Dayuan, Higher Education Press, 2003.
12. The basic principles of modern constitutional law, edited mainly by Xu Xiuyi and Han Dayuan, People's Public Security University Press, 2001.

Research Projects:Fundamental rights in property law Issues, Humanities and Social Sciences Project by Ministry of Education;
The norms construction of the fundamental rights, Post Funded Project of Philosophy and Social Sciencs Research by the Ministry of Education;
Perfect the mechanisms of the interpretation of Constitution, project of China Law Society
Judicial Application of the fundamental rights provisions of the Constitution, project of Ministry of Justice;
Theoretical system of fundamental rights, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project;
Study on the limitation of fundamental rights, Middle Aged and Young Scientific Research Project of Renmin Law School;
Security system of the Macao Basic Law, Macao Foundation Project;
Fundamental rights doctrine Studies, Renmin University of China MingdeYoung Scholars Program;

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